Motorway A4 Dresden:

Stationary variable message signs in prism technology for motorway A4 West controlled by TETRA private mobile radio.

The project covered the delivery and installation of 58 variable message signs in prism technology including control equipment and self-sustaining electrical power supply. The signs were mounted at 29 locations alongside motorway 4 west between interchange Dresden-West and junction Berbersdorf. The responsible agency in charge of turnpike maintenance uses the system for moving construction sites.

TETRA private mobile radio was used to control the variable message signs in prism technology. The equivalent TETRA modems and suitable radio antenna were planned and configured project-specific and were integrated in the customer´s existing private mobile radio center.

All variable message signs in prism technology were installed at provided and statically checked mounting devices (round poles at the medial strip, tripod poles at the hard shoulder). The electrical power supply is carried out by solar energy plants with battery backup. These solar energy plants were delivered for the first time with a new designed mounting device including a special anti-theft protection
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Motorway A5 Reiskirchen:

Temporary variable message signs in LED-multicolour technology and webcam technology.

The motorway A5 in Germany will be reconditioned in the sector of the interchange Reiskirchen from August till December 2017. As subcontractor of the consortium STRABAG, Green Way Systems is also in the field for this project and delivers in addition to temporary LED speed signs also dynamic deviation signs in LED multicolour technology for the duration of the construction site.

Variable message signs with the latest LED RGB multicolour technology are installed and centrally controlled via the cloud system „Traffic Safe Control (TSC)” of Green Way Systems. They divert the traffic to separated lanes in the range of the construction site.

The LED signs are working energy self-sustaining by solar panels with battery buffering and are controlled via mobile radio connection. By selection of different pre-configured switching status, the customer is enabled to display various traffic routes for the duration of the construction site operation.

In addition, there are installed 3 control sections with webcam equipped for a visual monitoring of the route.
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Travel time display (TTD) motorway A5 Ettlingen-East:

Temporary LED display system for travel time indication.

A temporary travel time indication and LED display system for illustration of current travel times was realized in the course of the 10km long continuous construction site on motorway 5 between the junctions Ettlingen and Rastatt-North.

The planning of the system was executed by the consulting engineers of AVT Consult based in Geilenkirchen and processed by the specialist companies ITS-United and Green Way Systems.

Road users will be informed about the current travel time to the end of the construction site at 2 locations per driving direction (Basel respectively Karlsruhe). One sign location in front of and another one half way the construction site.

The calculation of the travel time is carried out by 2-channel bluetooth sensors type DeepBlue D-Model which were delivered by company ITS-United.

Traffic data will be anonymised and analysed in the DeepBlue Core Cloud centre VCC of ITS-United. Current travel times are then transferred to the sub-master-station of Green Way Systems and further on by mobile radio to the roadside outstations of the LED variable message signs.

The travel time display system is operated energy self-sustaining and can therefore be used temporary and project-specific at the urban and interurban road network.
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Motorway A8 junction Aichelberg – junction Kirchheim/Teck Ost:

First combination of mobile traffic jam warning system and dynamic speed funnel system.

Due to the condition of the driving lanes, the motorway A8 in Germany was reconstructed between the junctions Aichelberg and Kirchheim/Teck Ost at sectors 7322 008 to 7323 010 from mid of June till end of July 2017. As subcontractor of the consortium Leonhard Weiss/Kutter Green Way Systems was also in the field for this project.

Traffic disturbances with jam like conditions were expected during the construction period due to the high traffic density. Therefore, a combination of a mobile traffic jam warning system and a dynamic speed funnel system was installed by Green Way Systems for the first time.

The project planning and execution of this new system happened within only 14 days.

Using the speed funnel (100 / 80 / 60 km/h) truck drivers will be requested in a timely manner to reduce speed, especially at road courses with slopes. This way the risk of rear-end collisions at the tail end of a traffic jam will be minimized additionally.

At the request of the customer there were additionally installed 2 cross sections with webcams for visual monitoring of the system. These were temporarily integrated into the webcam portal of the traffic computer center Baden-Württemberg for the time of the construction site.

This first-time combination of mobile traffic jam warning system and dynamic speed funnel system enabled an optimized construction process with reduced and uncritical traffic disturbances. The success is reflected by the very positive feedback of all involved parties.

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